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Summer – The Best Time to Move


Summer is right around the corner and the school year is coming to an end. Now is the time to find that perfect home for your family. With the kids on summer break, it is much easier to pack up and move. Most people dread the thought of packing and moving, but when you have children it’s necessary to make moving a fun experience. If you look at moving as an exciting adventure full of fun and new possibilities, then your children are more likely to follow suit. Most children don’t like the changes associated with moving so it’s your job to get them looking forward to it.

Get Your Children Involved

When I’m working with sellers and buyers it is always important to have them include their children in the process. It’s a good idea to introduce children to their new community online. Draw a map or print one out and show how close their new home is to new schools, parks, shopping, and family. Another great idea to make moving exciting is to have your children get involved in the packing process and in the design of their new bedroom. It’s as simple as going to a local container store where you can purchase cool new cube organizers, wall mount organizers, drawer organizers and closet organizers. The products they sell are colorful, full of character and appealing to the eye all while keeping you organized.

Have Fun With It

The majority of people I’ve met do not enjoy packing up and moving their entire home, but if you had some fun with your kids during the moving process, this will give everyone something to look forward too. You will have to spend some money to purchase these items but let’s face it: in every move there are expenses. So you might as well spend a few extra hundred dollars and purchase some cool new toy organizers, bathroom organizers, bedroom closet organizers, or maybe a wall mount organizer that has many cubbies that will organize all your belongings. You’ll thank yourself later.

All in all, if you’re are going to be moving, this can be a great time for you and your kids to create the perfect bedroom they’ve always wanted. We all know that moving is stressful and packing up your home is exhausting but the good news is that this gives you a chance to go through all of the toys, clothes and household items that you’ve accumulated over the years. Now you will have a fresh inventory of your belongings, which will make it easier to choose when purchasing your organizational products.

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